About The Farmers

Cameron Genter grew up in Kansas surrounded by the great prairie lands of the midwest. Drawn to plants and nature at a young age, Cameron ventured out to the west coast to study Botany at Humboldt State University in California. After a couple of years in college he was inspired to find a more practical way of working with plants and also growing food, which led Cameron to a biodynamic farming apprenticeship at Live Power Community Farm in Covelo, CA. During this time Cameron discovered his passion for farming as well as working with draft horses to till and cultivate the fields.

Daphne Kingsley originates from the small town of Whitehall, NY on the southern tip of Lake Champlain. She grew up on a family farm that grew hay and sweet corn and always had a mix of livestock around. After a few years in college and some travels, she eventually found her way back to the farm when she landed at Live Power Community Farm as an apprentice in 2000. Three seasons of intensive hands-on learning in all aspects of vegetable production, animal husbandry, CSA, and farm education, Cameron and Daphne were inspired to continue their farming journey together.

They spent a few years in the Northeast continuing their farming education by working and studying on farms in Maine, Vermont and New York. In 2006 they moved to the Driftless region of Wisconsin where they bought a 40 acre piece of organic farmland. Starting from an old hay field they built a solar and wind powered house and barns, installed fencing and improved pastures, and built up a diversified grass-based farm and small dairy herd, utilizing draft horse power for most farm and field work.

In the summer of 2014 they relocated to Colorado, bringing along their micro-dairy, a few cows, and their working team of Belgian Draft horses—Belle and Beauty. Cameron and Daphne, along with their daughters Kaia and Miriam, are in the early stages of building a diversified, grass-based, biodynamic farm and dairy in North Boulder. They are committed to cultivating a community-based farm that enlivens the land and provides a sanctuary for the farm community to connect with their food source and the dynamic rhythms of the farm.

Cameron Genter and Daphne Kingsley