The Cows

grass fed cows at light root farm

Our small herd of Cows consists of a diverse mix of breeds including Jersey, Ayrshire, Guernsey, and Brown Swiss, each bringing different quality traits to our 100% grass-fed dairy. The cows are rotationally grazed on grass pastures and supplemented with grass and alfalfa hay during the winter months, producing beautiful golden creamy milk year round. Our Cows are also offered free-choice organic sea kelp and minerals designed to promote overall cow health and milk quality.

cow grazing on grass at light root farm

The Cows are milked Once-a-Day which is a holistic management practice for our Farm and Family. Once-a-Day milking demands less production from our cows, resulting in less stress on the cow’s system and promotes longevity in the life-span of the cows.

The Cows live outside year round--their natural and most healthy living environment. They come into the milk barn each day for a short time during milking, and they do have access to a open south facing straw bedded “greenhouse barn” during cold and wet winter weather. But they are most content when grazing in the pastures or loafing outside under the stars.

The Dairy

light root farm cows at milked once a day

We focus on Quality not Quantity when it comes to milk production, and happy healthy cows on grass pasture make amazingly flavorful and nutrient dense milk, rich in vitamins, minerals, and conjugated linoleic acids.

Our small scale artisan dairy produces milk with the utmost attention to animal hygiene and cleanliness in every step of the process. Cows are kept clean on rotating pastures and freshly bedded hay packs for loafing in the winter months. The cows are brushed as needed when they come in for milking each day, and their udders are cleaned with warm water and a gentle sanitizing dip before milking begins.

Milking equipment is sanitized prior to each milking with a food grade hydrogen peroxide, and the milk is filtered and cooled rapidly in our stainless steel cooling tank after each milking. We bottle milk into sanitized ½ gallon glass jars every couple of days to offer the most fresh, pure and unprocessed milk available.

milk is filtered and cooled rapidly in our stainless steel cooling tank after each milking

Our raw milk is tested monthly according to RMAC (the Raw Milk Association of Colorado) standards for bacteria counts, specific pathogens and coliforms, and overall udder health. Monthly milk testing gives us a regular check-in as to whether our dairy management practices are working. Our test results consistently meet the top tier of RMAC’s recommended milk quality standards. Raw milk is a living food, full of essential nutrients, enzymes, and probiotics, and we feel very confident that we are offering a clean high quality product.

Herd Shares

  • In the state of Colorado you have to own your own cow in order to legally consume raw milk. The Herd Share model allows you to buy into a herd of cows from a local farm, giving you weekly access to a share of the raw cow’s milk, without having to own and taking on the responsibility of housing, feeding, and caring for the cow.
  • Becoming a member of the Herd Share allows you to pay a monthly boarding fee to the Farmer to care for and milk the cows in exchange for a weekly share of the milk.
  • One share is equal to 1 gallon of milk/week. We offer ½ shares as well as multiples shares to fit you and your family’s dairy needs.

Herd Share Pricing

  1. Initial Herd Share Purchase: $25/Share (one time fee)
  2. Jar Fee: $12/ share (annual fee)
  3. Monthly Boarding Fee $60/share
  4. Discount for Members/Families receiving 3+ shares a week: $52/share/month
  5. Total First Month Startup/ Share = $97.00

*Delivery fee: $5/member each month for Fort Collins and Loveland

Download Herdshare Boarding Contract [PDF]

Download Herdshare Bill of Sale [PDF]

Download Milk Share Price Increase [PDF]