The Farm

Biodynamic Agriculture

Light Root Community Farm’s practices are deeply rooted in Biodynamic Agriculture, with a focus on building a holistic, diverse and self-sustaining farm. Biodynamic agriculture is a path that works to enliven the Earth thru our conscious land stewardship, reverent animal husbandry, and life promoting farming practices.

We see the Farm as a living organism, with its own individuality shaped by the local land, the plants, and the animals, which are woven together in a harmonious relationship thru the creativity of the Farmer. The biodynamic Farmer cultivates a spiritual consciousness and an awakened relationship to the land, working with both the natural rhythms of the earth and the cosmic rhythms from above to promote health and vitality. We strive to create a farm that is balanced in its diversity, produces its own fertility, and promotes health in the soil, plants, animals and farm community.

Light root is rooted in biodynamic agriculture
Belle and Beauty are Light Root's solar powered draft horses

Draft Horse Power

Light Root Community Farm is committed to utilizing draft horse power as an integral part of our farm management. The farm is scaled to a size that we can work the land and manage farm with our working team of draft horses, along with some supplemental tractor work for baling hay and managing manure. The draft horses are truly “solar powered” in that they are fueled by the grass and hay they eat, and they generate fertility for the farm from the manure they produce.

Working with draft horses requires a living dynamic relationship between the farmer and the horse. We use gentle handling techniques and work with the natural language of the horse to foster a trusting relationship and a willingness to work. The horses are utilized to mow and rake hay, move round bales of hay on the farm, spread compost, till and cultivate soil, and a variety of other practical tasks on the farm. Our animal husbandry motto is “ The Farmer serves the animals and in return the animals serve the Farm”.


Light Root Community Farm is a working farm and social initiative that strives to cultivate a strong community and vibrant social fabric around the farm. The farms of the future need to be held as valued community assets, that serve as a foundation for local food production, land and nature preservation, and cultural regeneration and education. The farm can also provide a living sanctuary for the community to be connected to their food source, the plants, the animals and each other.

At Light Root Community Farm we strive to bring the Culture back into Agriculture and reconnect people with the land. We invite folks into the farm through our dairy herd share program, educational workshops and tours, as well as potlucks and seasonal festivals that we celebrate on the farm. As the farm grows and diversifies we will seek to expand our land base and pursue alternative landownership structures that secure the land and farm assets for the future.

putting culture back into agriculture

"Agriculture is rooted in Nature and true culture needs to be rooted in Agriculture." ~ Wendell Berry